Redbox promo codes

Each of the following Redbox codes can be used once per credit card. From time to time Redbox releases new codes that can be used multiple times per credit card and you can save a lot. Don’t forget to return the movies by 9 PM to avoid extra charge. Share the codes/this page on Facebook! Leave a comment if you want to share/add something. Some Redbox codes that always work:

Current/Valid Redbox Codes for 2017:

Get One Free movie night only with sign up
Expires 03/31/17

SMS MOVIENIGHT to 727272 in order to get a FREE code.
Expired 10/31/15

Sms / text MOVIE to 727272 in order to get a FREE rental code in August 2015.
Expired 10/31/15

Use the codes DVDONME and BREAKROOM or DVDNIGHT at kiosk to get one free rental. Codes must be used at kiosk only.
Expires 03/31/17

Sms OFFERS to 727272 and get a free 1-day movie rental code at Redbox.
If you sign up now, you will get a new code on 1 April 2017 only

Still need codes & free rentals? Maybe these methods help:

Free rental via SMS:
Sms from your smartphone all the following texts to 727272:  GAMEKIDSTRYITOUT, TRYGAMES, TRYREDBOX, FREEBIES, JUSTDANCE,  SCREEN, RENT. So, send 7 SMS messages and get 7 free Redbox one night rental code. Should work once. New codes are added weekly, so come by soon. 

  • SMS GAMEKIDS to 727272.
  • SMS SCREEN to 727272.
  • SMS TRYREDBOX to 727272.

January 2017 codes:
DVDONME, BREAKROOM, WALGREENS, DVDONUS,  . All these codes should give you one free night dvd rental. All the codes can be used once per credit card. These coupon codes should work for kiosk, not for online use. 

Codes by location:
DVDATWAL (Walgreens only – might be expired, but comment if it works), DVDKROG (Kroger only)REDBOXHEB (Heb store only)DRIVEIN (Sonic only)SPEEDY (Speedway only)DVDATSONI (only at Sonic Drive)DVDATKROGER (Kroger only). Can be used only once per credit card. Each code should give you one free rental night.


  1. you can use the codes once per card. The sms codes can be used once per mobile number (or so!)
  2. some codes might not work for everyone (regional codes), while others might work multiple times.
  3. Always return your movies before 9 PM – else you’ll have to spend more money.  😯


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  1. Parker says:

    You know, I used to really depend on these kiosks, but I’ve moved away from them. A DISH coworker of mine told me how to save more money on game and movie rentals. It’s called Blockbuster @Home, by DISH, and I ordered it right through my DISH Hopper. With it, I get movie channels, thousands of titles via streaming to the four TVs the Hopper supports, and home delivery on DVDs and games. Best of all it costs me just a third of what I’d been paying for Netflix, Gamefly, and the kiosks! I love it!

  2. Mario Andrew says:

    @Parker Thanks for your comment Parker! I’ll check it out soon and leave another reply here!

  3. Parker says:

    Sure thing, Mario! look forward to hearing if you get the same benefits from this as my family and I did!

  4. Mario Andrew says:

    @Parker Thanks for your kind comment. I went to their website and it seems a nice option. I might buy it to see if it’s good. I would really want other people to comment around here about DISH, if they like it or not.

    I like Redbox too, mostly because they have lots of new movies, for super cheap (with the codes!).

  5. I missed this code JAN24 from Walmart yesterday 🙁

  6. Erica says:

    None of the sms codes work.

  7. Mario Andrew says:

    @Erica Sorry about that! Maybe I can help you out. Have you used another sms code in the past from the same phone (lately?).

    If you sms OFFERS to 727272 you will get the new Redbox code on 1 March 2013 (you won’t get it one instantly). Let me know or came back on 1 March 2013 and let me know if you got the code.

    If you sms POINTS to 727272, this one should work if you haven’t already used it.

    Let me know how can I help you out more.

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